Automated Infrastructure Management

Automated infrastructure management (AIM) solutions are hardware/software systems that monitor, map and document connectivity across an entire network, even a diverse and complex network as found in an intelligent building. As more applications and services come to market—each offering time, money or efficiency advantages—it soon becomes impractical to monitor and manage the network manually. Thanks to published TIA-606, ISO/IEC 14763-2 and ISO/IEC 18598 standards, the role and potential of AIM solutions in the modern connected and efficient building are now established, unlocking a world of potential for enterprises.

imVision™ is an intelligent solution from CommScope that helps you overcome even the toughest network challenges. You will be able to seamlessly update your network to match your growth and change, and to meet new opportunities as they arise.

With a better-managed network, you’ll experience less downtime and fewer problems. One of the ways imVision™ produces this result is by proactively alerting network administrators to any small problems that arise, allowing them to be fixed before they become expensive, large problems.

Here are some of the concrete ways imVision™ hardware and software help your business succeed:

  • Ensure tighter network security
  • Locate devices and problems on your network in less than 60 seconds
  • Enhance change management
  • Simplify audits and compliance
  • Improve process efficiency
  • Increase operational efficiency, uptime, and productivity
  • Monitor and control all sites globally, from one location
  • Automate existing workflow