Technology Assessment Profile (TAP) and Implementation

A TAP is the starting point before you implement any technical project. This assessment lets you know which areas require attention.

The assessment is a detailed analysis of your current IT environment and offers you a 'snapshot' of where you are today, giving you a reference point to start from.

Below are only a few questions raised by our Technical Professionals when a TAP is conducted:

  • Do you have a detailed floor plan with outlets, patch panels and other access points?
  • What type of network topology do you have? How is it documented?
  • Are legacy systems adequate for current planned workloads?
  • Is there a backup/restore plan?

After a report is complied, a team consisting of the IT Manager, Account Manager and Senior Technician review the data and compile a Technology Plan.

Your unique plan will likely consist of various solutions according to your future IT. Key areas may require immediate attention, while others may be staged over a period of time.