Secure Onboarding

Make network onboarding and authentication simple and secure for internal, BYOD and guest users

End users bring all sorts of Wi-Fi enabled devices to your environment, and they expect easy and quick network connectivity.

Onboarding is the process by which a new device gains access to the wired or wireless network for the first time. IT teams traditionally experience a heavy workload from getting all those devices onto the network. And, if you don’t do it securely, you can place users, devices, data and the network at risk. How do you securely and efficiently connect thousands of user-owned devices? How about the coming deluge of IoT devices?

A purpose-built system for secure network onboarding dramatically reduces the help-desk burden related to network access. Users can provision their devices for network access with intuitive self-service workflows—and without IT intervention. They get online quickly and securely—with only the appropriate level of access to network resources.

Hassle-free wired and wireless network access

The RUCKUS Cloudpath Enrollment System simplifies BYOD and secure guest access with easy, secure self-service network onboarding. Employees, students, partners and guests onboard their devices once and then automatically re-authenticate in the future—in a process that is entirely transparent. They no longer have to repeatedly re-enter credentials on subsequent network connections. You can also easily onboard headless devices like gaming consoles, printers and IoT devices.

Automated device onboarding and network authentication

Do you need to support rapidly proliferating device types and platforms? No problem. Our system lets you automate secure network onboarding and authentication so the IT help desk doesn’t need to intervene. Easily create customized workflows to support any user. You’ll no longer see a mountain of trouble tickets for every new device type, and you’ll gain the freedom to focus on higher-value activities.

Powerful wireless security and policy for users and devices

WPA2/WPA3-Enterprise ensures secure connectivity, with powerful encryption for data in transit over the air. An up-front posture check with remediation ensures that every device employs baseline security measures before it connects. Authentication based upon digital certificates increases network and data security. You can define and manage granular policies to govern the level of access, plus gain visibility and control over devices on the network—with the ability to revoke access at any time.