Optional Support Plans

Block Hours may be used for monthly maintenance, emergency service, phone support, or on-site support to suit your needs.

When you require technical support, place a call to Jay Kay Systems Consulting Inc.® regarding your issue and we will either assist you with the problem over the phone, remotely, or arrange an onsite call. Should your issue require on-site support, one of our Technicians will contact you within 4 hours of receiving your call, provided the request is received before 3:00pm, to schedule an on-site support appointment.

Response Time On-Site Deduction Phone Support Deduction Expiry Date
4 hours 1 hour minimum,
30 minute increments thereafter
30 minute minimum,
30 minute increments thereafter
1 year from date of purchase

Hours are available for purchase in 10-40 hour blocks

Jay Kay Systems Consulting Inc.® will track the Block Hours you have utilized. Once you have 2 hours remaining, we will send an optional renewal package for your convenience.

Please contact us for more information regarding Block Hours and Support