Digital Signage

Digital signage provides an ever-present medium for information exchange. Using large or small displays, with or without interactive capabilities, your message will be conveyed effectively.

Convey the right message to your staff, students and/or visitors with dynamic content and easy to update layouts. Whether updating sports scores, meeting times, agendas, or just general information, the easy to use interface will save you time and money. A simple point and click interface allows you to update one or many screens at a time.

The simple point and click interface allows you to create one or more single or multi panel displays. With the easy to use interface you can create simple or complex displays.

The scheduling feature allows the displays to change content automatically.

With an easy to use interface, layout and content may be updated on the fly wirelessly. Our digital signage solutions allow you to use many media sources (Video, photos, static text, RSS feeds, live video and layered content). With the latest touch screen technology, you can create a fully interactive information kiosk. All media may be time or event triggered.