Network Security

What is your organization's data worth in dollar figures? Your accounting records, payroll records, client information, downtime, lost data? A firewall is an excellent investment to protect your assets.

We can help protect you

Jay Kay Systems Consulting Inc.® has comprehensive security solutions. Our solutions include:

Firewall Security

Installation and setup of routers and firewalls enable:

Physical Security

The Jay Kay Systems physical security team, working with our network engineering staff, can provide you with all of the information about wired and wireless video surveillance, IP security cameras and the console management and video archiving software systems you'll need to meet your requirements for video monitoring of your site.

Jay Kay Systems carries only professional-grade security cameras and enterprise-class central monitoring station equipment.

Our turnkey surveillance systems include:

Our professional design team can work with you to integrate the right components at the right price, including:

Jay Kay Systems not only offers video security solutions, we also offer access control solutions to help secure your physical locations and monitor who is coming and going. Whether you need a few electronic door locks, or a system that controls all of your multiple physical locations' entry points, we have a solution to fit your needs.