IT Consulting

Jay Kay Systems Consulting Inc.® is an Edmonton owned and operated full service technology solutions company providing services ranging from full network design and integration through to P.C. and desktop support.

Our team consists of various technology professionals working together to ensure that you choose products and systems which are most suited for your needs. Our trained, qualified team of professionals is ready to help guide you through the maze of choices available to you - on time, and within your budget. Our service and maintenance plans make sure your system stays that way.

We are not only able to take projects to completion painlessly, we take pride in the high levels of service and support after implementation is complete. From simple stand alone PC support to the most complex multi-platform wide area networks that require full design and integration, scheduled maintenance, and Emergency Response Services, Jay Kay Systems Consulting Inc.® can fulfill your needs.

We are a single unbiased solution source for all of your technology needs.

Technology Assessment Profile (TAP) and Implementation

A TAP is the starting point before you implement any technical project. This assessment lets you know which areas require attention.

The assessment is a detailed analysis of your current IT environment and offers you a 'snapshot' of where you are today, giving you a reference point to start from.

Below are only a few questions raised by our Technical Professionals when a TAP is conducted:

  • Do you have a detailed floor plan with outlets, patch panels and other access points?
  • What type of network topology do you have? How is it documented?
  • Are legacy systems adequate for current planned workloads?
  • Is there a backup/restore plan?

After a report is complied, a team consisting of the IT Manager, Account Manager and Senior Technician review the data and compile a Technology Plan.

Your unique plan will likely consist of various solutions according to your future IT. Key areas may require immediate attention, while others may be staged over a period of time.

Optional Support Plans

Block Hours may be used for monthly maintenance, emergency service, phone support, or on-site support to suit your needs.

When you require technical support, place a call to Jay Kay Systems Consulting Inc.® regarding your issue and we will either assist you with the problem over the phone, remotely, or arrange an onsite call. Should your issue require on-site support, one of our Technicians will contact you within 4 hours of receiving your call, provided the request is received before 3:00pm, to schedule an on-site support appointment.

Response Time On-Site Deduction Phone Support Deduction Expiry Date
4 hours 1 hour minimum,
30 minute increments thereafter
30 minute minimum,
30 minute increments thereafter
1 year from date of purchase

Hours are available for purchase in 10-40 hour blocks

Jay Kay Systems Consulting Inc.® will track the Block Hours you have utilized. Once you have 2 hours remaining, we will send an optional renewal package for your convenience.

Please contact us for more information regarding Block Hours and Support

Easy 1 2 3 solutions

Support and Maintenance

Jay Kay Systems Consulting Inc.® has a comprehensive suite of computer hardware, firmware and software support services designed specifically to handle your essential day-to-day IT management and support needs cost-effectively.

Preventative Maintenance Plan

The goal of these visits is to evaluate the overall health of your server environment.

Remote Network Administration

This option provides unlimited remote administration of the client environment.

Outsourcing Services

Has your network grown to a point where your financial services officer can no longer support the network and do his / her job as well? Outsourcing agreements place competent certified employees at your site from 1 half day up to 7 days / week.

Security Audit

Within your technology environment, security should live at the top of your to do list. Now more than ever virus attacks, email hackers and other security threats are everywhere. Protect yourself, your business and your website with Jay Kay Systems Security Audit.

The Security Audit will focus on the following areas:

  • General Security Strategy - evaluation current security measures in place, documenting and analyzing any previous security-related issues, and reviewing disaster recovery plans.
  • Physical System Security - reviewing systems for physical security, current security measures to prevent internal & external theft and tampering.
  • Data Security - including virus protection, firewalls, Internet security, password protection strategy and data back-up methods.

We offer:

  • Full telephone technical support during regular business hours
  • On-Site Service and maintenance available hourly or depending on terms of service contract
  • Block Time Contracts available
  • Quarterly, 6 Month, or yearly contracts available with Extended support plans
  • Site survey to determine the level of service required
  • Remote Access Services
  • 24/7 Support Availability with specific maintenance programs

Ongoing maintenance will prolong the life and efficiency of your existing systems resulting in less down-time and keeping a more productive work environment.

Learning & Training Centre

Customize your own training course

  • Find the perfect fit for your business, customize classes to suit your needs.
  • Hold your custom class at our facility.